Find different creative ways to send all sugar into different cups

Different maps

Tons of different levels and maps and each one is unique.


Game is so popular that it has three different releases, play all of them with us.

Sugar Sugar 3Greetings, so are you into puzzle games just like me? I can play all day long creative and intelligent games that require you to think, before making any decisions. One of the best puzzle games which I was able to find today is Sugar Sugar 3, I enjoyed this game so much that I have decided to build this fan made web-site to allow everyone enjoy it for free.

Basically what you do in this game is drawing lines, but unlike other boring games you must draw these lines in such a way that falling sugar went into different cups and you must fill all cups one by one. Make sure that you create correct paths and make sure that you don’t block other empty cups; otherwise you will have to clear map and start everything from the scratch.

Game has many different levels; each case is unique and requires different methods of approach, like I have said before this is interesting game and it won’t leave you bored.

As you can see this is third version of the game, if you want to find previous two versions tell us about it comments section below and we will add them for you.

Good luck and have fun 😉